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Creative power and technical expertise aren't everything—communication is key. In the course of a project you can be sure that you will always be well informed. It is important for me that you feel comfortable and in good hands. We all don't need any nail-biting, sleepless nights and broken deadlines.

Webdesign & Web Development

You are just right with me if you are looking for a custom-tailored solution for your website, such as a:

  • Portfolio page
  • Blog
  • Small to medium corporate website
  • Addition, extension or modernization for your existing website
  • New design for your existing website

Usually I develop HTML code and stylesheets from scratch. This results in slim code without overhead which is easy to maintain and guarantees a short loading time for your website.

The typical procedure during development of a new website consists of the following milestones:

  • Development of a basic design e.g. with Photoshop
  • Realization as a static HTML5 website with CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Dynamization within a CMS: Usually MODX Revolution, sometimes Wordpress
  • Customization of the CMS backend according to the needs of the editors
  • SEO measures, bugfixing, launch
Webdesign & Web Development Stefan Weber
Web Development SEXPOL Reloaded
Webdesign & Web Development Conelis e. V.

Sample screenshots: Webdesign & Web Development

Sample screenshots: Webdesign & Web Development

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At the same time as smartphones and tablets there appeared the App marketplaces. No matter whether App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android)—the major tech companies control the Apps installed on their mobile platforms. Notably Apple strictly excludes alternative ways of installing software. The pushed forward reason is security, the real reason is the sparkling source of income through App sales and long term customer loyalty to the platform.

But there is another way: You can avoid these dependencies with a WebApp. Your data remain on your server. Essentially WebApps are websites optimized for mobile devices offering some extras. These include:

  • Cross platform usage
  • Icon for the homescreen
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Offline capabilities

No matter if you want to use a WebApp on the iPad, an Android tablet or your desktop computer—they run on all platforms and modern browsers. WebApps are ideal for:

  • Digital sales folders
  • Product presentations
  • eDetailing
  • eLearning modules

All modern web standards can be used for design and animation, because on mobile devices usually modern browsers are installed. Up to now I implemented WebApps via HTML5 Application Cache. Since March 30, 2018, iOS also supports the new Progressive Web App (PWA) standard, which offers several additional features. If Microsoft follows soon, as announced, this technology will be available on all major browsers.

WebApp for Pharma Field Service
WebApp MDS for Patient Consultation
WebApp iPad Quiz

Sample screenshots: WebApps

Sample screenshots: WebApps

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Animation & Film

Digital animations are everywhere—from 3D blockbusters over annoying website ads to micro animations in user interfaces. You can find the latter on this website. In web development I like to use SVG animations if possible, because they consume just little bandwidth and are rendered always sharp. For more complex animations (which need a timeline in development) I used Adobe Edge Animate for some time. In the end it always depends on the customer's requirements which animation tool I consider the most suitable.

Some of my projects in the recent years were product films. Because pure 3D animations usually exceed the budget, there emerged some kind of 2½D hybrid as a cheaper alternative: Some part of the imagery is produced as 3D in Maxon Cinema 4D which is later combined and animated with 2D material in Adobe After Effects.

Product Film Diagnostic Device
Film Product Portfolio
Product Film Medical Technology

Sample screenshots: Animation & Film

Sample screenshots: Animation & Film

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Graphic Design & Editorial Design

20 years ago I created my first book covers in Photoshop 4.0 and Freehand 7.0. At that time hard drives had a maximum capacity of 1GB and sounded like a hair dryer. Color management was still in its infancy and it was always exciting, whether the printed result looked somehow like what you had seen before on your CRT screen. Tools changed but I still design book covers (as well as flyers, brochures and catalogues).

Book Cover Telepolis
Anatomical Illustrations for eLearning
Brochure Product Portfolio

Sample screenshots: Graphic Design & Editorial Design

Sample screenshots: Graphic Design & Editorial Design

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More about me

Portrait Hannes Fuß

Self-perception: More cooperative than competitive, slightly nerdy (still within the limits), less of a promoter, always interested in best possible communication of information. »Good enough« is not enough for the satisfying certainty that I have made a good job. I try to evaluate the real gain of new technical developments and design trends: There are some elements I might use, many others seem to me like one-day wonders.

It belongs to my part to see your perspective and recept with open mind what you really need. From my experience I will tell you what I consider the best solution.

I live and work in Berlin, but that is of minor importance—thanks to broadband internet.